one gig in Mainz Rhineland-Palatinate
One gig in Mainz Rhineland-Palatinate

Long time ago I played on a dubble bass in a group they took my name and changed the letters a little bit. We played most time some compositions unplugged from Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Beatles and so on.

My current music style is hard rock or metal style like Van Halen, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Carlos SantanaExtremeSlash ( Hot Chili Peppers and many others by the way of example. But I just play covers once in a blue moon.

According to my daily rock sound I do listen, you can follow the web link to my favorite entertaining rock radio Star FM Berlin.

By the way, I'm looking for good bass player, keyboarder and drummer for founding the MAX PHILIP BAND in Berlin. We (you and me) desire to fly a higher game and want die for our music and outcome.
Do you are interested in that idea you can post a comment or better contact me about the mail adress in this blog site.

My current equipment is one Gibson Standard 2012 guitar, one simple Yamaha bass, an ENGL Thunder 50 with Z-4 footpedal over a Diezel Cabinet.

About classic music

One of my favored composer is Philip Glass. He gives me a lot of inspiration for my own musical work and live. Philip Glass popularize with few other composer the minimal music in the world.

I like also Maurice Ravel's work.

In either case you should try to listen to this classic radio sound if you follow to this link Kulturradio vom RBB.

Music is a good kind of modern, timeless talking and modern, timeless communication. Music is my diction.

Nice location in Berlin Germany

At this place you can enter THE QUASIMODO JAM BAND every wednesday! at 
Quasimodo Berlin

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